Leviathan LR24

Bringing nature into your home with innovative acrylic designs



MSRP range: $325.00-$360.00

Dealer Wholesale:$290.00

Distributor Wholesale:$250.00


The Leviathan Reef System is a comprehensive refugium filtration system designed to accommodate the needs of reef keepers. These units utilize laser cut technology that integrates multiple colors of cast acrylic. The new Leviathan top includes multiple lids to reduce splashing, evaporation, and noise! All of our baffles extend the full height of the sump sealing on both the top and bottom giving the unit added strength. These innovative systems incorporate many features starting with dual inputs into a silencer chamber that overflows into a sock chamber. In most models, the sock chamber is interchangable between 4″ socks, 7″ socks, and dispersion plates (for filter pads). After the water leaves the mechanical filtration, it enters a skimmer/reactor chamber that also incorporates an apex probe holder and doser line holder. From the skimmer chamber, the water enters the refugium chamber in which their are 2 slots to accomodate a refugium light. That chamber features an adjustable water gate allowing you to control the water level from 6″-12″ to accomodate most skimmers/reactors! The water passes through a bubble trap then into the return that can accomodate an internal or external return pump.


  • Laser cut, polished edges

  • Clear front with engraved water level gauge

  • Large openings for easy cleaning

  • Lid to prevent splashing, evaporation, and noise

  • Apex Probe Holders and Dosing Line Holders

  • Build with 1/4" CAST acrylic

  • Double welded seams

  • Fully extended baffles for strength

  • Black back & bottom to help prevent unwanted algae growth and hide debri

  • Multiple Colored Top

  • Refugium Light Holder Slots

  • Dual Inputs

  • Bulk Heads included

  • Interchangable sock/dispersion plate holder

  • Silencer Chamber

  • Large skimmer & refugium chambers


Total Water Volume

Aquarium Capacity**


Silencer/Heating Chamber

Sock Holder Chamber

Adjustable Sock Fitting

Skimmer / Reactor Chamber

Refugium / Reactor Chamber

Adjustable Water Level Gate

Bubble Trap / Sponge Holder

Return Chamber

This is a basic representation of our LR Series. Depending on the unit, some features may be modified or in different locations.

  • The LR series comes with one to three 1-2" slip-to-slip

    schedule 40 bulk heads installed on a removable lid. The removable lid allows full access to the silencer chamber, but fully seals to prevent splashing and salt creep.

  • This versatile chamber is interchangable

    between a 4" sock, 7" sock, and a dispersion plate (for a filter pad) allowing any form of mechanical filtration to be used.

  • Multiple purpose chamber

    with a constant water level generally used for protein skimmers but can also be adapted to reactors and heaters. Because of the constant water level, the skimmer chamber also contains a dosing line holder (3.1) and an apex probe holder (3.2)).

  • The refugium chamber

    can be used to hold live rock, live sand, and macroalgae to help keep water chemistry stable. There are slots on top of the unit to accomodate small reef lights needed over the refugium (4.1).

  • The low profile adjustable water gate

    is the key to your versatile system. This system can adjust the water levels from 6"-12" accomodating most skimmers, reactors, and heaters on the market. The gate also acts as a silencer to reduce the noise of rushing water.

  • The up-down configuration

    helps not only reduce water noise, but also diminshes bubbles resulting from any accessory devices. This 2" chamber can also hold an extra sponge to catch any remaining organics or bubbles from entering the return chamber.

  • The return chamber

    is large enough to fit a submersible return pump and an ATO float level device. With the addition of a bulk head, an external pump can also be used.

  • Built-in automatic top off (ATO)

    Depending on the model, some units have a built-in automatic top off (ATO) reservior used to help automate the addition of water to your aquarium.

New High-Flo Design

* New High-Flo Design: An innovative design that allows high capacity and a high flow rate in a small footprint. This dual input system allows you to divert some of the water (we recommend 20%) from one input directly to the refugium chamber on the opposite side of the chamber (plumbing and valves included). This innovation allows you to utilize the refugium chamber to its fullest capacity (2x greater). The refugium capacity is twice that of most linear sump designs. This design utilizes more input bulk heads and larger sock capacity to accomodate the higher flow rates. On average these filters can support an aquarium 50% larger than its given footprint.
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