Leviathan Fresh water (LF)

Bringing nature into your home with innovative acrylic designs


Leviathan FreshWater (LF)

Versatile wet/dry system designed for fresh water and salt water fish systems.

White top/baffles, black back/bottom, clear front/sides.


The Leviathan Fresh Water (LF) Series is an extremely versatile wet/dry system designed to serve fresh water and salt water fish only tanks. The unqiue biomedia chamber design and adjustable water level gate allows the use of dry biomedia (bioballs), submersible biomedia, reactors, and skimmers (salt water) all within your filtration system.  

  1. The LF series comes with two or three 1.5″ slip-to-slip, schedule 40 bulk heads installed on a removable lid. The removable lid allows full access to the drip tray and biomedia chamber, but fully seals to prevent splashing and salt creep. 
  1. The 4-sided drip tray is  designed to accumulate water and disperse evenly over the biomedia. The biomedia tray has 1″ sides to facilitate the use of filtration pads and pulls out for easy removal/cleaning. With our laser cutting technology, every hole in the tray is perfectly polished to prevent cracking . The front panel has a cut out that serves both as a handle and as an emergency overflow in case the filter pad gets too dirty.
  1. The biomedia support plates are built out of 1/4″ cast acrylic, ridgid enough to support even the heaviest biomedia. The plates are raised to keep the biomedia off the floor, but also removeable for easy cleaning!   
  1. The removable sponge gate helps prevent sludge and tridus from flowing through the system and entering any pumps. To assist in cleaning, the gate is also removable! 
  1. With the adjustable water gate, this versatile chamber can be used for reactors, skimmers (salt water), or even extra media. 
  1. The low profile adjustable water gate is the key to your versatile system. This system can accomodate low water levels (4″) for dry media or higher water levels for submersible media. The gate also acts as a silencer to reduce the noise of rushing water. 
  1. The up-down configuration helps not only reduce water noise, but also diminshes bubbles resulting from any accessory devices. This 2″ chamber can also hold an extra sponge to catch any remaining tridus/sponge from entering the return chamber. 
  1. The return chamber is large enough to fit a submersible pump. With the addition of a bulk head, an external pump can also be used.
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