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Does your bird need to go to the vet, a show, or even just a road trip? Ever wonder how you can transport your feathered family member? Well now you can. Introducing the Acrylic Bird Carrier. With our Acrylic Carriers, you can safely (and cleanly) transport your bird wherever you need to go. We believe Acrylic Carriers are much better for your feathered family member then bar carriers. Metal carriers have cracks and crevices that do not keep the mess of food, water, droppings, and feather contained. With our Acrylic Carriers that mess remains inside and not all over your car. Protect your feathered friend today by getting them only the best for their transportation.


  • Custom Laser Cut Design

    Using the latest laser technology, all of our AcryliCages are precisely cut and made from 1/4" CAST acrylic with perfectly polished edges.

  • Air Ventilation Slots & Draft Control

    Draft and temperature variations are all but eliminated. These can play a major role in keeping your bird happy and disease free.

  • Unobstructed View

    An unobstructed view allows our birds to feel closer to us and their environment, which leads to a more even-tempered and quiet bird

  • Mess Free Home

    AcryliCages keep the mess inside the cage instead of all over the floor allowing you less cleanup time. Even better, this mess-free unit helps eliminate allergies caused from bird feathers, dander, and dust!

  • The unit ships unassembled & can be constructed quickly

    Downloadable instructions below. All AcryliCages come with an acrylic drill bit to assist in adding food/water bowls, toys, and accessories.

  • Versitile and Adjustable

    All perch heights and locations can be adjusted to accommodate all body and tail lengths! Our state of the art design can accommodate any feeders, perches, toys, and accessories on the market!


Color Scheme


Appropriate Bird Size


Box #124 x 3 x 18H – Tray & Hardware Kit  

  (2) Foam slots 1 ½ x ¾” deep (top & bottom) 

  (2) Foam side pieces (12 x 3 x 1 ¼” ) 

  1. Wrap hardware kit (9 x 7” pouch) in bubble wrap (24 x 9”), place inside tray 
  1. Place foam slots on top & bottom of tray 
  1. Put front tray piece on top of foam & 3-perches taped together 


Box #2: 24 x 4 ½ x 18H – Front, back, side (2), bottom pieces 

  (2) Foam slots: 2 slots – 1” & ½” each ¾” from sides    

  1. Screw front & back pieces together 
  1. Tape together top, bottom, & sides 


** Tape boxes together, ship as 1 unit  

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