Leviathan Reef Spec

Bringing nature into your home with innovative acrylic designs


The Leviathan Reef System is a comprehensive refugium filtration system designed to accommodate the needs of reef keepers. These units utilize laser cut technology that integrates multiple colors of cast acrylic. The new Leviathan top includes multiple lids to reduce splashing, evaporation, and noise! All of our baffles extend the full height of the sump sealing on both the top and bottom giving the unit added strength. These innovative systems incorporate many features starting with dual inputs into a silencer chamber that overflows into a sock chamber. In most models, the sock chamber is interchangable between 4″ socks, 7″ socks, and dispersion plates (for filter pads). After the water leaves the mechanical filtration, it enters a skimmer/reactor chamber that also incorporates an apex probe holder and doser line holder. From the skimmer chamber, the water enters the refugium chamber in which their are 2 slots to accomodate a refugium light. That chamber features an adjustable water gate allowing you to control the water level from 6″-12″ to accomodate most skimmers/reactors! The water passes through a bubble trap then into the return that can accomodate an internal or external return pump.